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Relaxing in the Outdoors

A wooden deck can be a great addition to your home and lifestyle, providing extra space for entertaining guests, or just relaxing in the outdoors. The organic feel of wood decking enhances any landscape, making a natural transition between the house and lawn or garden. Wood decking comes in a variety of species, from pressure treated Pine, to Cedar, which has a natural resistance to moisture and insect infestation. There are a ton of deck planning guides and ideas online, and when you’re ready to get started, you can count on helpful guidance from our professionals.

New Deck Installations

Every deck installation we perform starts with a consultation from our experienced deck builders. They will help you make some informed decisions, suggest layouts that make the best use of space, and help you decide which which materials and design features will enhance the design and profile of your home. They can also advise you on the seasonal care and long term maintenance needed to preserve the integrity of the wood, keep it looking fresh and new. To get started with a new deck installation, just submit the Estimate Form here on our website, and we’ll schedule a visit by one of our deck installation and design experts.

Deck Repairs

Like any outdoor structure, decks are subject to wear and tear. Boards become loose or cracked, handrails become weak and start to loosen, the frame and support posts grow old, nails and fasteners rust and break… When it’s time to make repairs, whether structural, or surface repairs, we have experience carpenters on our team that can do the job. They will evaluate the trouble spots, and let you know the extent of what needs to be done. Surface repairs are usually quick and easy. If damages are structural, and extensive, they may recommend a new deck installation, and give you an estimate, and information on how to get started.

Deep-Clean Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing will restore the rich would finish of your deck, and reduce wear and tear by removing stains, dirt, and mildew that discolor and scar the surface of the wood. After we deep clean the decking surface, we follow up with a sealant to restore the rich wood glow, and protect it from the drying effects of the sun and weathering.

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Why Choose Lucius?

Lucius home improvement contractors and roofers serve the Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Cordova, Collierville, Tennessee and surrounding areas in the Mid-South. Our team members are highly trained and considered experts in their field. We guarantee that every wooden deck job we perform will exceed industry standards, and adhere to the requests of the homeowner.

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